505 Sawmill Creek Road
Sitka, Alaska 99835

Phone: 747-6898

What are the basic rules for the classroom?

3 to 5 Preschool's 3 basic behavior guidelines are as follows:
Be kind to yourself – you may not do things which might endanger your safety.
Be kind to everyone – you may not hurt another child. Treat others with courtesy.
Be kind to our school – you must use the equipment with care and return it to its place ready for someone else to use.

Who oversees 3 to 5 Preschool?

3 to 5 Preschool is a non-profit corporation whose members include the staff of the school and the parents of every child enrolled in the school. The corporation is governed by a Board of Directors composed of the paid staff and of parents elected by the members of the corporation. The Board meets at least 3 times a year and has full charge of the property, business, and program of the organization. With full power and authority to plan, manage, and conduct the same, the Board shall create and designate special committees, as it may deem necessary. The Board elects its officers from the parents elected to the Board.

If problems are found on the website please contact us at: threeto5preschool@yahoo.com